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1992 Bootstrap Seminar 03/92 Day 1 #1

Published March 24, 1992

Session 1 of 12: Doug Engelbart's three-day management seminar at Stanford University, March 24-26, 1992. This seminar, titled "A Comprehensive Strategy for Bootstrapping Organizations Into the 21st Century" features in-depth coverage of his strategic vision, presented in twelve sessions (four sessions per day). See the Bootstrap Seminar resources page for links to all 12 videos, plus the slide handouts and recommended reading for the seminar.

Doug begins this first session with welcome and orientation, covering Seminar schedule and roster (shown in Augment).
At 08:03 he begins Section A "Intro/Summary"
At 31:10 he touches on the Six Hypotheses (shown in Augment).
At 34:40 attendees are asked to introduce themselves in the context of the key points he just covered.
At 1:07:30 Doug begins Section B "Paradigms".
At 1:23:20 Doug reads from his favorite book quotes from famous people whose predictions, based on prevailing paradigms, were dead wrong.

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Run time 83.22
Producer Doug Engelbart Institute
Audio/Visual sound, color


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